About us – here for more than a century!

Founded in 1899, Birmingham Settlement is one of the oldest charities in Birmingham. Part of a movement of social reform activists outraged by the plight of the poor in the 19th century, originally Birmingham Settlement’s work concentrated on providing support to women and families in the seriously deprived St Mary’s area, now known as Newtown. Now our breadth of work is much wider and reaches more communities in Birmingham. We are now based in the heart of Aston but we are developing hubs in Kingstanding and Ladywood. 

We work in an ever changing environment, with new challenges to face, both as an organisation and for our local communities. We adapt the way we work and the services we provide to meet these challenges.

Our Mission and Strategic Objectives ensure we stay true to our roots and continue to meet the needs of people in the communities we serve. 

Our Mission

Birmingham Settlement works to create opportunity and choice – connecting and empowering people through action, activities, and shared learning to build and sustain wellbeing for all.

Strategic Objectives

Over the past year we have reviewed and simplified our objectives, focusing on four key areas:


  • To improve financial resilience
  • To build individual and community wellbeing
  • To develop people
  • To build and sustain a sustainable organisation