Equality and Diversity
Half day / 3.5 hours

We should all be striving to deliver services and create working environments that celebrate differences, promote inclusion and afford equality of opportunity to all. This half day training course (3.5 hours) will be of interest to everyone (employer and employee) looking to ensure they meet their legal responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity in their working environments.

The training will include: understanding the Equality Act and protected characteristics, different forms of discrimination, how ‘membership’ of a specific group can bring either advantage or disadvantage; understanding the ‘multi layered’ nature of discrimination, and how an understanding of diversity and inclusion, and their differences, can positively impact and change what we do.  

Note this half day course compliments the Disability Awareness Training, and as such people might consider running them both together as a full day’s training (they are stand-alone sessions also).

David Coombes


David has over 25 years experience in the health sector including working as a Holistic Therapist and 10 years as a Registered General Nurse. With his extensive experience in issues relating to homelessness, substance abuse, safeguarding, and supporting people in the community with mental health, David leads and develops our Health & Wellbeing training programme.