Conflict Resolution
Half day / 3.5 hours

Conflict is a natural, healthy and inevitable part of life although it can sometimes escalate into something more destructive to human relationships. This half day training (3.5 hours) is designed to encourage a deeper understanding of the many causes of conflict and the most effective strategies for both preventing and de-escalating potentially destructive conflict situations. It will be of interest to anyone interested in learning how to turn challenging encounters into more positive and productive ones.

Topics covered will include: defining conflict and exploring the benefits it can bring; the differences between anger and aggression; understanding how the brain responds to threat and danger; trauma as a root of challenging behaviour; practical communication strategies effective in the prevention and de-escalation of conflict.

Some of the material covered in this training will be suitable for those looking to understand the core elements necessary for creating trauma informed environments.

David Coombes


David has over 25 years experience in the health sector including working as a Holistic Therapist and 10 years as a Registered General Nurse. With his extensive experience in issues relating to homelessness, substance abuse, safeguarding, and supporting people in the community with mental health, David leads and develops our Health & Wellbeing training programme.