Eat Make Play, a local community business aiming to connect people in Ladywood, got in
touch with us in in the midst of lockdown to figure out a way to nurture those connections
during the pandemic. And so, The Reservoir Plot was born on the Settlement’s Playing Field,
providing a space for Ladywood’s residents to stay connected to its people and places.

The project has provided purpose for those looking for a way to share their time and has
bought local residents and those from farer afield together during the pandemic. Sam Ewell,
Co-Director of Eat Make Play explains that although residents connected with the project for
different reasons, it has highlighted that people needed something meaningful to do with the
masses of free time they had and needed someone to do it with.

“The passion and skill – every neighbourhood has that – it came to the surface and people
needed a way to share that”.

The Reservoir Plot may not have even emerged if it wasn’t for lockdown – a silver lining for
Ladywood and its residents when the world came to a standstill in 2021.

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