In January the third edition of the Birmingham Settlement Times, edited by our own service users, has been released to enrich and inform the local community in Aston.

Our ‘Ageing Well’ Editorial Board have listened to requests from local residents to provide the most relevant information. In the latest edition, the Ageing Well reporters have written about our local work with Tesco, partnership with Aston Villa foundation supporting refugees & people seeking asylum in Birmingham along with articles on fraud and a poetry addition.

Once again our different community groups who attend activities at our Aston centre have received a copy of the newsletter and some will be distributed throughout the local community in Aston.

If you would like to receive a copy, come into the Birmingham Settlement centre in Aston and ask to hear the current news and views of Ageing Well members at the Settlement. The next edition will be out in April 2020, with updates from the new year.

Contact Andy on for any more information.