A fabulous time was had by our community members at the delightful Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Monday 16th July!  Members enjoyed the fantastic weather, wandered around looking at birds, butterflies, exotic plants, gardens, buildings and other attractions such as the beautiful peacocks waltzing around. Some even joined in with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and tried their hand at circus skills, followed by delicious tea and cake on the veranda of the Pavilion Teashop!

20180716_134720    20180716_112315

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Following our extremely enjoyable trip to Botanical Gardens, 12 service users visited Aston Hall the next day (Tuesday 17th July)!  The ladies and gentleman attending were very interested in the history of Aston Hall, the owner and his family. They found the guided tour very educational and those who were less confident with their English speaking and listening skills found the topic encouraged them to ask the Volunteer Guide a lot of interesting questions.  An interesting discussion about their visit also continued at the end, whilst enjoying a lovely picnic in the grounds!

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