seAp advocacy has just launched, a digital service which aims to help people going through the process of applying for disability related benefits.

The site gives users all the basic information they need to know about Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Trying out the questions

The cutting edge tool at the heart of the site walks users through the relevant processes, allowing them to answer the sorts of questions they will be asked in a face-to-face benefit assessment, and to get an indication of the result they might be expect from their application.

The tool also helps users to identify and save a list of the key issues that they need to pick up at the face to face assessment.

The site isn’t intended as a substitute for specialist support, but as a complement and a gateway to it. It can also complement information about welfare reform that host organisations already provide to clients/users.

Developing the Site

The site has been produced for seAp by Norwich-based developers Neontribe, and with funding from the Legal Education Foundation and Comic Relief’s ‘Tech for Good’ Fund. seAp is not making any profit on the use or distribution of the site, which is accessible to users for free.

The development of the website involved an intensive process of user engagement, with prototypes being tested by seAp clients who have been through the assessment process. All the content on the site has been developed and approved by highly experienced welfare rights officers.

The site is mobile responsive, reflecting our awareness that it would be accessed more frequently on smartphone or tablet than PC or laptop.

The site’s main page is at: and the pages for the specific benefits can be found at and