Over the coming year Birmingham Training Unit (formerly Birmingham Tribunal Unit – BTU) is expanding its training delivery programme, introducing a number of new courses. Having already introduced 4 new courses around workforce development due to take place over the summer, we are happy to announce that 4 more courses (details below) are being added to the schedule for the Autumn.

Customer Care & Equalities  – 7th September

This one day course aims to provide participants with a clear understanding of modern day working definitions of customer care.  It considers the Equality Act 2010, the five barriers that impede equal access to the provision of services, the recruitment and retention of customers, how to ensure a balanced approach between customer care vs staff care and fast track techniques to ensure customer facing arrangements are user friendly.  This is an introductory course so is suitable for managers, staff and volunteers across all sectors.

Working with Volunteers  – 20th September

This course is suitable for anyone engaged in the recruitment, management and retention of volunteers as well as volunteers who want to know more about their rights and responsibilities.  It provides participants with a clear understanding of the various legal definitions of the term ‘volunteer’ and ‘volunteer worker’.  It looks in detail at points of convergence and divergence between paid staff and volunteers, the ten laws that can impact on the volunteer relationship, how volunteers are affected by welfare benefits, contracts and volunteer agreements and best practice in managing and developing volunteers.  The course is pitched at introductory level.

Effective Communication & Cultural Communication – 14th October

This introductory course  is for those who have a basic understanding of equality laws, diversity issues and cultural awareness.  Those attending will develop a clear understanding of the definitions of ‘culture’, ‘culture clash’ and associated terms, the benefits of being culturally aware, obstacles and negative thinking, communication differences across various cultures in terms of body language, tone and words, meet and greet, food, timings, dates and environment.  Participants will learn how to ensure their workplace event or customer service activity addresses cultural issues. The course is suitable for managers, staff and volunteers across all culturally diverse sectors who serve communities with a wide demographic base.

Mental Health Awareness – 10th November

This one day course looks in detail at the definition of ‘mental disorder’.  It considers associated legal and non-legal terms, the nine key laws covering mental health issues, the eleven medical and clinical terms, challenges which might present themselves in the workplace or learning environment and appropriate and safe responses to such situations.  This is an introductory course and a useful complimentary subject for anyone who has attended training on equality & diversity, employment law and human rights.

To find out more about BTU and our courses, please visit our the Training section of our website via the BTU pages or call Maxine on 0121 250 0781.