Landing in Ladywood: New work at Edgbaston Reservoir

On a field overlooking Edgbaston Reservoir we are building a new community space for the people of Ladywood. We started work in 2020 and the we hope to have a cafe, community space and loos open by late spring, early summer 2021.


The building is just off

Selwyn Road and will 

be accessible from

the path around

the reservoir. Many of you

have already seen the work.

Working in the winter mud - the building is emerging

a red brick half built building by edgbaston reservoir

Our contractor Ian Barney explains how much work has gone into getting the field ready to become a centre of community activity:

But that's not all - we have bolder ambitions

  • A 2nd building for growing and “mucking about”
  • Crops on the field, to supply local business and support local people
  • An outdoor amphitheatre – a place for creativity to flourish
  • A biodome – to bring together the flora of the world

Our Chief Executive Martin Holcombe talks through the new Wellbeing Centre at Edgbaston Reservoir and what will follow from that.