We work in partnership with a number of organisations across the West Midlands, sharing our skills and experiences with others, training staff, providing services to clients, lobbying for change and looking at ways we can work together to deliver services to people across the region more effectively.

We work closely with a number of local programmes and services detailed below.

Ladywood Neighbourhood Network Scheme

The Neighbourhood Network Scheme is a city-wide initiative funded by Birmingham City Council.

It is all about identifying and mapping health & wellbeing activities for the over 50s within the constituency wards where people live. 

The purpose of NNS is to ensure that as many citizens as possible aged over 50 can access community based support which can promote well-being and a better quality of life. 

NNS aims to do this through better co-ordination of community-based prevention & early intervention services.

Partnering with Birmingham Institute for the Deaf, Birmingham Settlement is the Lead agency for the Ladywood Constituency, and is responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating the work of the project.

Our work involves project support workers working across all the wards of the Ladywood constituency, getting to know the activities and services available to over 50s across the area. 

Workers are tasked with identifying and filling in local gaps in provision by operating a small grants scheme to enable existing or new and emerging groups to try new things.

We provide training and support to groups & undertake community infrastructure support.

We work also work closely with the Ladywood social work team to link them up with groups so they can refer their clients to groups where they take part in meaningful health and wellbeing activities within their own communities.

Learn More About Ladywood NNS

For more information, visit the Ladywood NNS website here.