About Us (BTU)

Who we are

Birmingham Training Unit (BTU), formerly Birmingham Tribunal Unit, formed a mutual partnership with Birmingham Settlement in 2014 and we now work together as one towards common goals.

Established in the 1970s BTU has a longstanding history of providing specialist training. Since developing a partnership with Birmingham Settlement, BTU has expanded its training provision building on the expertise of both organisations introducing a variety of  developmental training courses.


What we do


Working across the UK, we aim to up-skill individuals  through specialist training provision covering a variety of subject areas.

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Engaging with local organisations, we help to raise the awareness in communities through informal workshops covering such topics as benefits, money management and well-being.


Where to find us

Whilst we deliver training across the UK, we are based at the Birmingham Settlement Aston office.

Address: 359 – 361 Witton Road, Aston, Birmingham B6 6NS
Tel: 0121 250 0781
Email: office@btu.org.uk